How it works.

Selecting a gateway.

When choosing a gateway, it often comes down to where it will be installed, how many hard-wired devices you need to connect to it, and what level of performance and uptime is required. It is also important to understand the difference between dual SIM and dual modem. With a dual SIM gateway, two SIM cards can be inserted into its modem allowing the primary SIM to switch to the secondary SIM for cellular-to-cellular failover in the event of an outage. The modem can only connect to one active SIM at a time. However a dual modem gateway allows you to connect to two carriers simultaneously, providing multiple benefits such as additional bandwidth and cellular-to-cellular failover/failback.

Our most compact and rugged gateway option is the Cradlepoint IBR900. It has a smaller hardened enclosure that allows it to be placed in demanding environments such as extreme heat or cold, while still providing industry-leading performance. If you are not in need of multiple LAN connections, POE, or a dual-modem gateway and want a workhorse that will perform in almost any environment then this may be the best option for you.

If your project demands constant connectivity and the best performance possible, then Cradlepoint makes the rack-mountable AER2200 + MC400 dual modem gateway. The major distinction here is the fact that this gateway offers a true second LTE modem that can run concurrently for additional bandwidth and cellular-to-cellular failover/failback. The 2200 also includes 4 POE+ and 4 POE ports for greater connectivity when needed.

Selecting a service.

Once you have chosen the gateway that best fits your application then it’s time to select a service. The first step is to identify which cellular carrier has the best LTE data signal strength near your usage address. Click the ‘Check Coverage’ link to search each of the carriers’ coverage maps and, when prompted, enter your usage address. (Note: The map filter must be set to DATA or LTE, not voice coverage!) Once you have determined the carrier(s) with the best coverage in your area, select the SIM(s) from the dropdown menu and click the ‘Add Solution’ button to complete your selection. If more than one SIM is desired for use in the gateway—either for failover or running dual carrier SIMs at once to increase bandwidth—select the checkbox under the dropdown to add a second SIM.

Your order and subscription.

Once you have chosen the gateway and SIM(s) that best fit your needs, add the “solution” to cart and checkout following the on-screen prompts. Your initial payment will contain both the purchase price of the device as well as your first month of service for the plan(s) selected. Once you have received the equipment, your membership will start and automatic billing will repeat every 30 days thereafter, via the payment method used at checkout. (Note: the subscription payment method CAN be changed at any time.) If for any reason the chosen solution does not meet your expectations, you may return it within two weeks of receiving the device for a full refund, no questions asked!

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Whether it’s for your personal home or business, or you are the IT manager for a large corporation, we understand how critical internet and Wi-Fi are to your day-to-day life. In the event of an outage or problem, you can reach us right away. Visit our support page for helpful resources and the various contact methods we offer. We are here for you and are just a call, text, chat, or email away!

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